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 Pack Ranks

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PostSubject: Pack Ranks   Tue Jun 09, 2015 9:36 pm

Our family isn’t strict about its ranks, save for those of Mentor or Gatherer, as it is expected all wolves contribute and help however they can. These ranks serve more to preserve tradition. You may hold a rank and you will be expected to perform the duties accompanying it, but should a member of the family from another rank requires assistance, there’s nothing wrong with providing it. We are a family, after all, we must work together.

|The Gatherer|
Our family’s leader. There is only one Gatherer at a time and they are traditionally a well-respected Mentor.

|The Mentors|
The older wolves in the pack who cannot perform their duties anymore. Now, they serve to teach and guide the family.

A good rank for selfless and noble wolves, Guardians are responsible for protecting and patrolling the Meadow. They are the first to deal with threats.

A rank of wise thinking, a good hunter must know which prey they can hunt without hurting the balance of the Meadow while also keeping the family fed at the same time.

As they deal with injuries and illnesses, extensive training is needed to become a Healer, but they are popular and well-liked wolves thanks to their relaxed attitude.


The only rank allowed to leave the Meadow, they explore the surrounding forest. They must be fast on their paws and resourceful, as leaving the Meadow means leaving her protection.

Wolves under the age of one who are training for their future ranks. The whole family cares for them.
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Pack Ranks
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