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 Kava the Gatherer

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PostSubject: Kava the Gatherer   Fri Jun 12, 2015 1:33 pm

The Gatherer

7 Years

This fae's most notable trait is her mind, as it is has remained sharp and keen even as she ages. While witty and playful when she was younger, she's mellowed out and turned very much into a sort of maternal figure for the family. Every wolf in the pack is special to her, and she cares about them as if they were her actual kin. In stressful situations, she keep a clear head, doing her best to reason her way through it, as she hates making brash or hasty decisions.

While her days as a scout are long over, Kava still retains the slender form of one used to weaving in and out of trees (though she hardly leaves the den nowadays). Her greying pelt is still full, with slight traces of brown and copper here and there, and her dark eyes just as observant as they were in her youth.

Born into the family during a time of peace, she had a happy childhood. When she became of age, she became a scout, going out and exploring the surrounding forests. Kava never found anything during her excursions, and the family's era of calmness continued. As she aged, the fae gained a reputation for her devotion to the family, and when she became a Mentor at the age of six, eyes were looking at her for the position of Gatherer. After the nine year-old Gatherer passed away, Kava was elected to step up to the position, which she still holds today.

None, nor has she ever wanted one.


Mother-Ela (Deceased)
Father-Ward (Deceased)


The feeling of the sun on her fur, the scent of meadow flowers, and good stories.

Loud noises, boisterous individuals, and getting wet.

Letting the family down, allowing a threat to harm the Meadow.

She is a little hard of hearing and no longer a strong fighter or runner.

Totally devoted to the Meadow and the family, and confident in her skills as a leader.

Loves to lay out in the sun and relax.
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Kava the Gatherer
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